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Dear Patients:

September 25th will be my last day working in Durango, Colorado. I say that with mixed emotions: you all have made my time here a pleasure, and the experience I have gained has made me a FAR better chiropractor than I was before. However, when a door opens to an amazing opportunity and takes me a few steps closer to my dream, I must take it.

I will be joining a practice in Baltimore, MD. If you have friends or family in the region, please send them my way for their chiropractic needs. As for YOUR chiropractic needs, my technique is modeled after and polished by past Team USA Chiropractor, Dr. Dan McClure in Bayfield, CO. Please use him for any injury you have, or for your routine chiropractic care plan. Contact at (970)946-9802 or go to for more information.

For your physical fitness needs, please use Durango Athletic Performance to safely, quickly, and greatly improve your performance. Whatever your sports/activities are, Kevin Dehlinger and his staff will guide you to reach your performance or fitness level you’ve been aiming towards. Contact at (970)382-1420 or go to for more information.

Although I will no longer be able to treat you here, I will always make myself accessible for any questions, concerns, or guidance. I will always be there as support, so please do not hesitate to reach out about anything. Love you all, and thank you for an amazing experience here at Durango Sports Chiropractic.


Dr. Kevin